Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry

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Complete Off-Grid Laundry Solution

The new Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry is an off-grid washing solution that can handle large loads. You can even wash blankets, a quilt or a mummy sleeping bag.


  • Large capacity – Same capacity as your home washing machine (28 gallons). See the photo of the quilt to the left. It is 10 feet x 11 feet and fits in the Storm Washer!
  • Smooth circular operation - no repetitive up and down or back and forth movement.
  • Conserve water - Easy to capture and reuse water so water from a rinse cycle can become water for the next wash cycle.
  • Long lasting - Durable, UV resistant tumbler.
  • Strong - Industrial strength bearings with grease fitting.
  • Rust free - Stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized components.
  • Wringer attachment and wringer included to provide a complete, self-contained, off-grid laundry solution.
  • Easily drain water through a “quick connect” hose fitting (hose included).
  • Made in the USA

There are a number of off-grid clothes washers available. You can use a plunger in a bucket, a scrub board, or a hand crank unit that only washes one pair of jeans or a couple of t-shirts at a time. Plus, wringing clothes out by hand is a tiresome and tedious task. But to wash clothes for a family or a group of people there is only one solution that provides sufficient capacity, durability, and ease of use – the Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry.

You simply add clothes, water and detergent, screw on the lid, and rotate the durable, plastic tumbler with the large, easy-to-grip handle. The circular rotation with the pronounced baffles in the tumbler agitates the clothes removing soil and dirt.

Wringing between wash and rinse cycles, removes a lot of soapy water and improves the quality of your rinse. Wringing after your rinse cycle, allows you to reuse the water in the next wash cycle. Wringing out your clothes before hanging them up to dry greatly reduces your drying time. If you are doing your laundry inside, and drip drying your clothes, it is critical to wring out as much water as possible in order to avoid a messy water puddle all over the floor.

The Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry is made of sturdy, rust-free aluminum, heavy, UV resistant plastic and can be used inside or outside. Because of its large foot-print it is much more stable, especially while wringing out your clothes. If you have ever before used a wringer, you know how wobbly the process can be if the wringer is not securely attached to a stable foundation. The Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry provides the stability and functionality you need to make manually washing clothes as easy as possible.

The wringer is attached to a sturdy frame that includes a stainless steel pan to capture the water. A rack that rests on top of the pan keeps clothes out of the pan as you transfer them from the washer to the wringer.

With the Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry, “laundry day” doesn’t mean the whole day. Don’t spend your whole day washing multiple, small loads. Take advantage of washing more clothes at a time and spend the rest of your day doing something other than laundry.

Usage Tips:

  • Wash full loads if possible. Washing a full load is easier to rotate the tumbler than half a load. With a full load, one person can easily rotate the tumbler. The Storm Washer comes with a handle on each side. So two people can help rotate the tumbler if desired.
  • Wring the clothes after washing and prior to rinsing. This removes excess soapy water and improves quality of rinse cycle.
  • After the rinse cycle, you can reuse the rinse water for the next wash cycle thus conserving water.
  • Place the Deluxe Off-Grid Laundry on a table or platform to use. This eliminates having to bend over to rotate the tumbler or use the wringer.
  • If you place the wringer at the end of a table and place a laundry basket on the ground at the end of the table, the clothes will fall from the wringer right into the basket.
  • Wringing clothes will be faster and safer if done with two people. One feeds the clothes while the other turns the handle.

Weight: 89 pounds

Dimensions: 27" tall x 27" wide x 52" long

Can be picked up in Alpine, Utah. Shipping charges to other locations to be determined. Send me an email with your zip code and I will let you know the freight charge prior to purchase.

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