I am a country boy and my wife is a city girl. The last several years I have been able to get my wife to go camping more by helping her be more comfortable in the great outdoors, I have upgraded our tents, cots, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and cooking gear.

My name is Michael Robertson. My wife and I have four adult children and nine grandchildren. The picture is of my wife and me in Korea. We were there visiting our army son, his wife, and three grandchildren that were much too far away from home.

I love being outdoors. I have enjoyed camping since I was a little boy.  I cherish my memories of camping with mom and dad and my six siblings.  Most of our summer vacations were the camping type.  My dad loved to fish and shared that passion and skill with me. I got my Eagle Scout Award back in the 1960s and have been a scoutmaster three different times. A couple of years ago I was awarded the Silver Beaver. I have camped in all types of environments and seasons.  

Several years ago at a group camp, my wife saw a foot-operated sink. She thought it was amazing and wanted one. It was a basic bucket sink with a foot pump. She asked if I would build one for her. So I took some pictures and got on the internet when I got home to learn about bucket sinks. Then I went to my shop to figure it out. The Deluxe Camp Sink was born.

I built my first sink several years ago and we still use it. My wife loves it. Since then, I have made and sold more than a thousand, all over the USA. The sink I make today is much better than that first one. I tell people that I didn't invent the bucket sink, but I perfected it. 

The way many of us wash our hands when camping is to go to our water jug, press the button with one hand to get the other hand wet. Then do it again with opposite hands. Soap up and then rinse off with the changing hands trick.

Hand washing with your water cooler or jug results:

  • Poorly washed hands
  • Mud puddle under the water jug
  • Contaminated water source
  • Used more water than needed

Hand washing with a deluxe camp sink results:

  • Clean hands
  • More frequent washing of hands
  • Maintain a cleaner camp without mud puddles
  • Conserves water

I had a request from a lady regarding hand washing in a primitive camping situation where there isn't clean water and all we had was lake, pond or stream water. If there was giardia in the stream water, then we would be washing our hands with that water and get giardia on our hands. Not a good situation. So I came up with the Deluxe Filtration Camp Sink, with a water filtration system so that we could use non-potable water, filter it and then have clean water in the sink.

Another issue my wife wanted me to find a solution for is how to take a warm shower inside a tent and not make a mess with water everywhere. The missing link was how to capture the water. I learned from another camper how to do it at another group camp  

This resulted in my creating the Deluxe Tent Shower.  For those with large tents who anticipate long term camping, this is a great way to stay clean and comfortable. This is especially important for showering in cold weather. 

A good friend invented the Rocket Stoven. This amazing stove allows one to bake in an oven at the same time as cooking with a pot or pan. All while using very little fuel. We included this in our products because it is such an unique and helpful cooking device.

I have lived in Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Minnesota, and Germany. I now live in the mountains of Utah with my wife, grandchildren, dog, and chickens.  

I enjoy working in my shop and building gear that adds to others’ quality of life. So I offer these sinks, showers, and stove solutions with the mission of helping many more people enjoy clean, comfortable, off-grid living.

You can reach me at michael@deluxecamping.com or call me at 801.368.8000. Let me know if you have any product suggestions or questions.