In a number of my presentations I share ideas for useful camp gear that makes off-grid living more clean and comfortable. Here is a list of those items and links where you can conveniently purchase them.

Ash Bucket and Shovel


Boot Scraper

Boot Tray

Chuck Box on Wheels

Coat Rack

Cot Headboard

Cot Organizer

Deluxe Camp Sink

Deluxe Tent Shower

Foldable Commode

Foldable Dish Drying Rack & Drain Board

Hanging Shelving

Ice Maker

Multi Mouse Trap

Norwex Microfiber Towels

Pan Hanger

Patio Mat

Rocket Stoven Combo

Smart Splitter

Stainless Steel Clothes Pins

Step Trash Can

Stove Fan

Stove Thermostat

Sun Oven

Thermal Cooker

Wood Carrying Tote

Here is a link to an excellent resource that details many aspects of camping that will be of interest to you - 

The Ultimate Camping Guide: Checklists & Essential Tips for Campers


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