A foot-operated, running water sink at any location.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a sink with running water at any location? This foot pump operated wash station is great for camping, the patio, a construction site or a food booth. It is also perfect for campfire or BBQ grill-side food prep and cleanup. 

I’ve used this sink for:
• Family camps
• Boy Scout camps
• Family reunions
• Church camps
• Fishing camps 

It is great for:
• Cleaning up before and after a meal. 
• Dutch oven or BBQ outdoor cooking even if you are miles from running water? 
• Grilling on the back deck (don’t have to run into the house for a quick hand wash)
• Brushing teeth before going to bed at night. 
• Washing hands in an out building where there is no plumbing.

It has been ideal for outdoor group hand washing before meals. When cooking at camp, having a sink with running water makes it easy for the cooks to cleanup before and after a meal.

My wife is a city girl that endures camping. My objective has been to make her as comfortable camping as possible. The first time I took this sink camping, she fell in love all over again. Happy Wife = Happy Life.  She said that it was the most important camp item that we have and that she never wants to go camping again without it.

How it works

A foot pedal pumps clean water up from the supply bucket and out the spout. You pump water to get your hands wet. Then you wash with soap and pump again to rinse off. Clean water flows from the spout, over your hands, through the stainless steel bowl (sink) and drains into the wastewater bucket. The wastewater can be used to put out the campfire, water plants, and if long term camping, it comes in handy to rinse out the privy bucket.

Better Sanitation

• People wash their hands much more frequently. It’s easy and fun to use...so it gets used! Even children like to use it.

• You get a better hand washing since both hands are free to scrub.

• You don’t need to turn a knob on and off with dirty hands. You operate it by foot pressure.

• Most campers wash their hands at their water jug spigot. This results in a contaminated spigot and a mud puddle under your water jug.

• The built in soap dispenser makes it easy to always use soap while washing hands. No bar of soap to keep track of.

Conserves Water

• The Deluxe Camp Sink uses a lot less water compared to washing your hands at water jug spigot. 

• An open faucet would use two to four times as much water.

• The flow of water stops as soon as you raise your foot


  • Countertop of premium cutting board material – waterproof and easy to clean
  • Collapsible camp stand – comfortable height and convenient to store and transport. 
  • Sink is a deep, sturdy, stainless steel bowl that reduces splashing.
  • Highest quality, long-lasting marine primer bulb - not the kind sold at discount tool stores.
  • Built in soap dispenser
  • Durable plumbing parts of brass, galvanized steel, vinyl tubing, and PVC
  • Sturdy, food grade buckets

Storage and Transport

As you can see from the pictures, this compacts into three convenient components. The plumbing, the pedal and the bowl all fit into the top bucket. And the two buckets nest together. The entire sink weighs just a little over 18 lbs.

User comments

I love these sinks so much that I just bought my 2nd one! These will promote hygiene so much in camping situations and also reduce the amount of water wasted. 


Thank you for putting these together. They are really well made, and I'm glad I have a few. 


I do love this sink. I am amazed with this thing!!! Who would have thought that a sink like this could mean so much? 


Thank you for getting this out there. I love mine. And it does not use that much water to get the job done. This field sink has gone with me to outdoor activities all summer long and it is a big hit with kids and their parents. It is a must have in my book. Mine is sitting in the corner of my camp kitchen.


The sink was a hit at the family reunion. People were amazed at how easy it was to use and how much better it was for washing hands. No more washing hands at the water jug for us. And we all washed our hands more often because of this sink. 



The Deluxe Filtration Camp Sink adds a water filtration system, allowing you to use pond, stream or lake water.  The filter is good for one million gallons.

Shipping Information 

In order to reduce shipping costs, your sink will arrive in two packages. One package will arrive from me and the folding stand will be shipped separately. The quoted shipping is only for the lower 48 states. Additional shipping charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii.

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