Camping Hygiene: 3 Tips to Maintain Hygiene In The Great Outdoors

One of the struggles that everyone faces while camping is maintaining hygiene. It doesn’t matter if you are camped out in the wilderness or staying at a permanent camp facility with washrooms, running water and the likes, keeping yourself and your belongings clean is often a daunting task. While getting covered in dirt and dust is a quintessential part of the whole camping experience, there is a very thin line between getting dirty and practicing poor hygiene. So, it is imperative that you try and stay clean as much as you can during your trip. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Carry a portable sink
  • A portable sink is surely a godsend for campers who prioritize hygiene and cleanliness while outdoors. You can use the sink to not just wash your hands and face, but also to wash your utensils after you cook up a delicious camping meal. At Deluxe Camping, we offer a multifunctional portable sink that comes with a hands-free, self-contained system. It is equipped with a built-in water tank and even a soap dispenser.

  • Carry a tent shower
  • Camping during summer offers the convenience of allowing you to take a bath au natural, especially if have access to a water body. Winter, on the other hand, can be a little more challenging. The cold temperature may not allow you to enjoy an outdoor bathing experience, thus making it necessary for you to look for other options. A tent shower is the perfect alternative as it allows enjoying a hot, pressurized shower inside your tent. Check out our Deluxe Tent Shower that is equipped with a hot, pressurized shower.

  • Bring enough clothing to last the duration of your trip
  • While camping, you are bound to get sweaty and your clothes dirty, and unless you want to be stuck wearing the same clothes every day, you need to have some extras at hand. While it may be tempting to pack light for a camping trip, you must have enough change of clothes to last you the duration of your trip. Even if you carry fewer pieces of outerwear, you need to have at least two or three changes of underwear and socks.

    Take your camping experience up a notch with Deluxe Camping’s innovative portable sink and tent shower. Check out our online store to find the best quality portable hand washing sink and other camping essentials.

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