Deluxe Camp Sink: The Ultimate Hand washing/ Dishwashing Solution for Camping

Though washing your hands is not one of those things that first hit your mind when you think about camping, it’s certainly something you should not overlook. In this blog, we want to talk to you about how to make your camping experience cleaner and comfortable. The way a lot of people wash their hands when they go camping, is they come to the water cooler, and do the switching hands trick. They get one hand wet with water from the cooler, soap up and rinse that hand, then switch hands.

Sadly, not only is this way pretty mediocre for getting hands clean, but it also contaminates the water source at the cooler since the nozzle was touched with dirty hands. Anybody that comes to get a drink of water can then get infected by germs. Plus, it develops a mud puddle on the ground. It can also waste a lot of water. If you don't mind getting splashed all over your feet or have a mud puddle in your camp, that method is fine. However, if you want to maintain better hygiene and keep a tidier camp, there is a really cool way to wash your hands.

Introducing the Deluxe Camp Sink! With a built-in soap dispenser, the Deluxe Camp Sink is a multifunctional system and the ultimate portable hand washing station. In addition to hand washing, it fulfills dishwashing, and even drinking needs. A unique feature of the sink is its foot pump design that allows for hands-free operation and prevents your hands from touching any drinking water source. The small and compact design of the sink allows you to easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go car camping.

So, why wait? Buy a foot pump sink and make your camping healthier and hygienic!

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