Eagle Scouts Reunite 43 Years After National Jamboree

Several years ago while attending a monthly BSA Round Table, I noticed a tall red 1969 National Jamboree Patchheaded man, about my age, with a 1969 National Jamboree patch on his scout uniform. That is a patch that one rarely sees, since it is now 47 years old and not many people that old are still wearing scout uniforms. Since I have the same patch on my uniform, I went up and introduced myself. I learned that his name was Kevin Card. He was the current District Commissioner and grew up in Provo, Utah. I grew up in Payson, Utah, a small town about 16 miles from Provo. He now lives in Highland, Utah and I in Alpine, Utah, about five miles apart.

                        Michael 1967                         Kevin receiving Eagle Award 1971

                Michael Eagle            Kevin Eagle

I asked Kevin which troop he was in at the national jamboree but he couldn’t remember. I couldn’t remember either, but I remembered the scoutmaster’s name since he was from Payson as were most of the members of the troop. That night I looked in the shoe box that contained all of my national jamboree memorabilia. Inside, I found the roster for troop 20. On that list was not only my name, but also Kevin’s. We had met 43 years earlier and had spent several weeks together at the 1969 National Jamboree.                 

                        Michael at Jamboree                         Kevin at Jamboree

                       Michael at Jamboree                 Kevin at Jamboree

Here we are now, both in our early 60s and both still involved in scouting. Kevin was the district commissioner and I was a unit commissioner. Several months later, Kevin received a different assignment and I was asked to serve as the district commissioner where I have served for three years and now am the district chairman. 

Kevin and Michael

A number of years ago I started a camping gear company selling sinks and showers. He is not only a friend, but also became a customer. Both Kevin and I are interested in scouting and camping and we have been on several week-long camps together. Eventually Kevin developed a stove that was unique in that it allowed one to bake in an oven and fry food in a fry pan at the same time, using only sticks and twigs as fuel. I invited him to sell his Rocket Stoven on my website and we became partners in providing unique camp gear to customers all over the United States.

We, along with our wives, enjoy camping together, going out to dinner and just getting together and visiting. It is amazing, after our initial experience together at a campout 47 years ago that we finally met again through scouting and now work together in building quality camping gear. We are both big fans of the Boys Scouts of America and what it does for boys. We have both served as scoutmaster and in many other scout positions. We have both been to Philmont, both received the Silver Beaver Award, and we both still love camping. But our camp gear is much better and more comfortable than what we used 47 years ago.

              Kevin & Sue Card with Michael & Debbie Robertson - Summer of 2016

Cards & Robertson



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  • Jim McCullough says...

    I too was at the 1969 Jamboree, in one of 5 troops from the North Bergen County Council (New Jersey). I returned in 1973 as a staff member while attending Utah State University.
    Good times….

    On December 06, 2016

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