My First Trade Show

I want to follow-up on my experience at the DoItNow Expo in early October. Although I have participated in many tradeshows in my earlier careers, this was the first time I had ever represented my own company. I did my best to estimate how many sinks and what model people would want. This was the first time I had sold the tent shower and I wasn’t sure what the response would be.

I thought most people would want the Deluxe Camp Sink, but the majority of sinks purchased were the Deluxe Camp Sink with Filtration. Many people understood the necessity of washing hands with clean water and that their water source in the future will likely be a stream or lake.

I had been working on a shower solution for several years. It wasn’t until recently, at a camp with other preppers, that I found the missing piece to my shower puzzle. By attaching vinyl to the lower part of the shower enclosure, the water would run off the enclosure walls, onto the vinyl and into the tub. I incorporated that in my design and then I added a shower curtain to keep the water in at the front of the enclosure. The Deluxe Tent Shower was born!

I built three showers for the expo. I sold more than that the first day and had to take orders the rest of the show. The response was tremendous because there is nothing available to fill that need of taking a shower inside a tent. Many thanked me for making the shower, especially women. I was grateful that I was able to provide a much needed product.

My wife was a great help in the booth, explaining our sinks and shower and sharing personal experiences. It is interesting how meaningful it is for women to hear experiences of other women. Thank you, thank you to my wonderful wife! By the way, as I shared with those who came to the booth and those who attended my presentation, I told them that my motivation for my camp gear is to help my city wife be more comfortable while camping. I was surprised to hear a number of women tell me that they wished their husbands would take care of them like that. Come on guys. What is more important than to take care of our wives? My wife wants me to share with you that she is a well taken care of wife.

My presentation of “Useful Camp Gear for Long Term Camping” went very well. The first day the room was packed with over 300 people. There was a lot of exchange between the audience members and me. We had several people tell me and my wife afterwards that it was the best class they had attended. One man told me that he had driven from northern Utah, just to attend my class.

The next two days’ presentations went well. I added some additional information and pictures to the PowerPoint because I remembered some other important gear that people might not think about, like a dish drainer and a commode. Regarding a commode – a bucket with a lid is not the way to go.

It was great to meet so many people at the show. Our booth was next to the Cylinder Stoves booth. They had one of their best shows. They make a great tent and stove. I have several of their tents and stoves and highly recommend them. I am a dealer for them and have helped a number of people properly configure their tent for long term camping. A basic tent isn’t enough. There are some modifications that will help you be more comfortable and secure.

After the expo, I spent a lot of time building showers. It amazes me how much time it takes to acquire all of the parts and then assemble them correctly. After getting all of the back orders finished, the shower is now on the website.

Thanks to all who made the expo a success for us. There were some suggestions for additional products and accessories that I am considering for the future.


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